A Family Owned Business

For over 117 years McKee Surfaces has been a family owned business.

Two young men, James S. McKee and W.E. Bliven, each put $200 of their own capital to become partners in a woodshed button factory. McKee kept up his share of the factory by working as a buyer for an oatmeal mill. Bliven sold clothing to support his end. The first year of business they suffered a thirty-five dollar deficit. One decade later, James. S. McKee bought out Bliven and the McKee Button Company was born.

The business has been run by generations of the McKee family since its inception, with the six family members leading it today.  Founder J.S. McKee passed down the policy of  “exacting standards and outstanding customer service.”

McKee Surfaces is built on a foundation of strong work ethic, family values, and responsibility to community, employees, and customers. We believe this foundation, combined with the dedication to quality, American-made products has allowed our company’s vision to last for over a century.